We are Talk Landscapes

Teboho Lentsa started Talk Landscapes in 2005 on an informal basis and formally registered the entity in 2007. We offer a full range of landscape design, landscape construction, landscape maintenance services that ensures corporates and residentials are spotlessly maintained and attractive all year

We provide a full range of residential and corporate landscaping services custom designed to suit the needs of each customer. We cater to both large and small projects.

We have employed a simplified focused business model that entails an individual directed assessment of a business opportunity or case prior to a business commitment been taken.

This approach offers us a detailed analysis of the degree of complexity involved in an opportunity the customer need and it also informs us of the resources to be committed in pursuing an opportunity - addressing customer needs



Our Mission and Vision

The Talk Landscapes’ mission is to constantly strive to provide personalize horticultural solutions by ensuring that we commit time in understanding our clients’ requirements. We employ the latest methodologies in our development of solutions whilst maintaining the highest service standards.

Our vision is to provide world-class horticultural solutions.



Management Overview

The landscaper/business owner, Teboho Lentsa manages the business on a full-time basis. Horticultural level 2 training for 16 of our employees.

Talk Landscapes also focus on the training of the unemployable or so called “school dropouts”. At Talk Landscapes, our objective is to provide a “SKILL FOR LIFE” Our overall goal is to equip the unemployed
youth of South Africa with the necessary, essential skills to live a fulfilled and meaningful life and to become a productive and proud citizen. We want to restore dignity and confidence in the so called “lost generation”.

The snow ball effect of this is reduced crime, poverty, and dire socio economic conditions of the majority of our beautiful countries people.